Electronic Specialty and Bulk Gases Service

A Groundbreaking Service for Electronic Specialty and Bulk Gases

Linx Consulting's Electronic Specialty and Bulk Gases Service covers the entire spectrum of specialty and bulk gases used in the global electronics industry, including semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and PV. This groundbreaking new service is the first in the industry to provide a comprehensive, independent survey of the entire electronic gases market. 

To create a baseline for this new report, Linx surveyed the entire gases market from January - April of 2015, including 71 specialty chemicals and 5 bulk gases. Based on our independent research, the electronic specialty gas market was over $2.1 billion in 2014, with electronic bulk gases representing another $1.9 billion, for a total market for electronic gases at $4.1B.

Other estimates forecasted the total 2014 electronic gases market at $3.5 billion a year, which is 15% ($.6 billion) below the actual market size of $4.1B.

Recently there have been many changes in the ESG supply chain with some companies exiting the market and others choosing not to add capacity. Based on this, the electronics industry is experiencing critical supply tightness around such key molecules as Neon, C4F6, WF6, NF3 and others, causing the price of these products to spike.

Stay Abreast of a Volatile industry with Electronic Gases Service

Linx Electronic Specialty and Bulk Gases Service service will allow participants to understand their position in the global gases market, plan effective strategy and tactical initiatives, and measure progress. Electronic Specialty and Bulk Gases Service offers analysis on various supply and demand factors, as well as market growth of each segment (5 year CAGR % on a volume and value basis). The service covers 71 electronic specialty gas product and market groups and 5 bulk gases in semiconductor, LCD, LED, and PV applications.

This annual service provides a market forecast of electronic specialty gases used in the global semiconductor, LED, flat panel display, and photovoltaics industries. The forecast section of the report includes a five year forecast broken out by products on both a volume and value basis.

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  • HFC
  • R-32 (difluoromethane)
  • CH2F2
  • R-23 (trifluormethane)
  • CHF3
  • C3F8 (perfluoropropane)
  • C4F6 (hexafluorobutadiene)
  • C5F8 (perfluorocyclopent-1- ene)
  • R-41 (fluoromethane)
  • CH3F
  • C2F6 (hexafluoroethane)
  • CF4 (tetrafluoromethane)
  • C4F8 Octafluorocyclo-butane

Silicon Products

  • Silane
    • Silicon Semi
    • LCD
    • PV
  • Disilane
  • TEOS
  • DCS - SiH2Cl2
  • Trichlorosilane
  • Silicon
  • Tetrachloride
  • HCDS Monochlorosilane
  • SiF4

Dopants & Blends

  • AsH3
    • Compound semi
    • Silicon Semi
    • PV
  • PH3
    • Compound semi
    • Si Semi
    • LCD
  • 11BF3
  • B2H6 (blends) Ge72F4
  • TEB
  • TEPO
  • TMB
  • POCL3
  • BBr3

Litho Laser Gases

  • KrF Active
  • KrF Inert
  • ArF Active
  • ArF Inert
  • Ne shortage

Other Gases

  • BCl3
  • C2H2
  • C2H4
  • C3H6
  • CH4
  • Cl2
  • ClF3
  • CO
  • COS
  • GeH4
  • H2 Deuterium
  • H2S
  • H2Se
  • HBr
  • HCl
  • HF
  • N2O
  • NF3
  • Semi
  • LCD
  • PV NH3
  • Compound semi
    • Silicon Semi
    • LCD
    • PV
  • NO
  • SF6
  • SiF4
  • SO2
  • TiCl4
  • WF6
  • Xe

Bulk Gases

  • N2
  • O2
  • Ar
  • He
  • H2