Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service

Linx Consulting Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service covers the largest and most important gases used in the global electronics industry. The service provides a yearly market forecast of electronic specialty gases and bulk gases used in the global semiconductor, LED, flat panel display, and photovoltaics industries.

Designed for marketers, product managers and executive management, the service helps participants understand their position in the global gases market, measure progress, and plan their strategy and tactical initiatives.

The Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service includes:

  • Market growth of each product by segment (5 year CAGR% on a volume and value basis)
  • An independent view of the market dynamics
  • in-depth analysis on various supply and demand factors

Forecasted Products

Electronic Specialty Gases

  • Etchants
  • Chamber Cleans
  • Si Based Precursors
  • Dopants & Blends
  • Litho Gases
  • Deposition Gases
  • Sources
  • Etc.

Bulk Gases

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon