The Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market, 2015

CVD, epitaxial, and ALD deposition of thin films on electronic devices are becoming essential methods of deposition for critical, functional materials needed in high performance devices such as:

  • Advanced ICs
  • HBLEDs
  • Compound semiconductors

The chemical supply chain for these specialized materials is relatively concentrated in the hands of a few, highly specialized companies.

metal organic deposition

Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market will analyze the supply chains for the basic materials, intermediates, and most important molecules used in deposition processing, including TMA, TMI, TMG, TEG and dopants as well as detailing the key players, and their respective market shares.

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  • Report Contents

    1. Executive Summary

    • Growth rates by technology
    • 2014 —2019 consumption of materials through the supply chain
    • Supply chain mapping
    • Regional Distribution of supply and demand

    2. Methodology & Background

    3. Forecast Drivers

    • Segmentation by industry and device type
    • Technology developments
    • Roadmap and Device Assumptions

    4. Value Chain Analysis

    • Key raw material sources
    • Intermediate suppliers
    • Critical performance factors
    • End market needs, including:
      • HBLED
      • Compound & Power Devices
      • Silicon semiconductors
    • By Region, including:
      • China
      • Europe
      • Japan
      • Korea
      • Taiwan
      • USA
      • ROW

    5. Forecasts

    • By material type, 2014 to 2019, including:
      • TMA
      • TMI
      • TMG
      • TEG
      • Dopants

    6. Supplier Analysis

    • Supplier share by region
    • Supplier share by product
    • Profile of key suppliers, including:
      • Akzo Nobel
      • Albemarle
      • UPChem
      • Daystar
      • Dow Advanced Materials
      • Lake LED
      • NATA
      • SAFC
      • Air Water
      • Shin Etsu
      • Sumitomo Chemical
      • Ube

    7. Benefits

    • Opportunity Assessment