Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service

Cost of failure is 20 - 40% of business costs

iceberg graphic cost of failure

Large semiconductor producers such as Intel, Samsung and TSMC have high expectations for their materials suppliers to adequately develop and maintain systems for:

  • Backup contingency planning (BCP)
  • Quality operating systems
  • Supply disruption counter measures

To meet these needs, leading electronic chemical and materials providers' operations span multiple production facilities across global geographies. Multisite operations make qualification in a semiconductor process expensive and lengthy. The differences between manufacturing sites typically are not discovered unless a detailed and expensive qualification process is undertaken or as the result of a product excursion discovered by an end user.

The challenges that elevate the risk levels of an end-user accepting a qualified HVM product from a new facility include:

  • Misalignment of raw materials sourcing
  • Non-alignment of quality operating systems
  • Non-alignment of customer service expectations

These differences are often the root cause for in-fab production excursions, containment failure after the excursion and ultimately require costly customer reparations to restore the business and lower the customer perception of risk.

How can semiconductor materials suppliers lower failure costs?

Creating consistency in manufacturing processes across multiple manufacturing facilities can significantly lower failure costs. The Linx Manufacturing Alignment Service helps electronic chemical and materials suppliers identify potential sources of misalignment of systems between manufacturing plants quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of non-conforming product escaping from multiple manufacturing sites.

The Linx Manufacturing Alignment Service includes:

  1. On-site audit of at least two manufacturing facilities or existing HVM vs. BCP plan.
    • In process evaluation
    • Excursion containments
    • Customer response evaluation
  2. Report Out of Findings
    • Summary of system as is in each facility
    • Outline of key differences in each facility
    • Comparison of system relative to best known industry methods
  3. Recommendations for Gap Closure
    • Risk ranking of gaps identified
    • Prioritization of gaps working with key customer staff

Low Cost and Fast Turnaround

The Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service is designed for fast implementation so suppliers can start improving operations and lowering costs in as little as a month. The sooner your faclities are aligned, the more your company will save in the long run. Pricing starts at around $10,000, depending on the number of facilities.

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