Wafer Polishing Technologies & Markets — 2012 - 2017

With a continuously strong industry growth track in both silicon and HBLED, the market for CMP slurries and pads used in wafer polishing should reach record levels over the next several years.

As the semiconductor industry continues to grow and a substantial market for wafers in HBLEDs develops, the demand for CMP consumables used in the production of these wafers expands. However, as wafer sizes across both compound semiconductor and silicon wafers increase, there are mounting challenges and pressures put on the CMP to meet more stringent requirements.

The need for advanced and accurate CMP is clearly illustrated in the graphic below, which illustrates the 3D global shape images of typical wafers manufactured by different suppliers.

wafer polishing

Going forward, there will be heightened challenges for production wafers as we see the further introduction of SOI and perhaps III-V on Silicon.

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • Growth in slurries and pads, by application
  • Regional distribution of polishes

2. Methodology

  • List Of Organizations Interviewed
  • Model Schematic

3. Forecast Drivers

  • Market Forecast
  • Roadmap And Device Assumptions

4. CMP Applications in Wafer Production

  • Review of POR, Challenges, consumables,for the following applications:
    • 450mm Silicon
    • 300mm Silicon
    • 4” & 6”Sapphire
    • 4” & 6” SiC

5. Market Assessment And Forecasts

  • Overall market for slurries and pads
  • Regional Breakdowns
  • CMP unit operation forecasts:
    • By wafer size
    • By wafer type
    • By year
  • Pricing Info

6. Supplier Assessment

  • Supplier Landscape
  • Slurry Suppliers
  • Pad Suppliers

7. Overall Assessment

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Unmet Needs Analysis